Welcome Letter from the Founder

Don Malloy

Founder, Symposium on Securing the IoT


Why did I start the Symposium on Securing the IoT?

As a technologist for the past 25 years I have worked on sensors, crypto semiconductors, RFID & software authentication. Throughout this time, I have always been concerned about making life more secure from payment to mobile security to order tracking & device authentication.

Looking at the IoT space for the last few years, most of the discussion has been centered on connecting devices and managing the things once they are connected. Many of these devices do not have a level of security beyond a simple password. There are standards, but most are not interoperable between systems. For every Billion devices connected the attack surface increases exponentially. The simple Mirai botnet almost took down the entire internet in late 2016. To me, this was a “watershed event”. Today, more than 1/3 (35%) of device owners do not change the default password, leaving them vulnerable.

Let’s go back 20+ years when the internet was in its infancy when companies were racing to be on the ’net without considering the need for security. In many cases, the same is true today. Companies are rushing to develop and monetize their products to develop potential revenue. However, across the spectrum from hospitals to power plants, manufacturing centers, cities and vehicles there are vulnerabilities that could possibly wipe out entire companies, governments and human lives.

This Symposium brings together industry thought leaders, professionals, and solution vendors that are fully committed to developing the security improvements that matter most to securing the IoT: Blockchain, standards, machine learning, Payments Security, Identity Fraud, Healthcare and Industrial IoT to name a few. The goals of this Symposium are to raise awareness of the burgeoning need for security and to provide education to make the IoT more secure.

After all, someone has to be thinking about the “BAD GUY”.

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