Ahsan Habib

Ahsan Habib


Ahsan has been leading organizations and delivered cutting-edge technology in Networking, Security and Cloud market. He delivered high-performance Firewall solution from Cisco and recently at Ericsson was working on identifying compromised mobile devices. Ahsan is very passionate about IoT and its potential impact on our future. Security is a key hindrance to IoT adoption and he is passionate about building Open Source IoT platforms and help accelerate IoT adoption.


Topic: Discovering is the first step of securing – Accelerate the IoT Adoption



There are hundreds to thousands of IoT device manufacturers and the challenge is to identify different categories of devices that are getting connected to our network. It is critical for us to understand the internal architecture (CPU type, memory, OS etc..) of IoT devices and monitoring them in a continuous basis from Network to understand the threat vectors these IoT devices will introduce in the future. Open Source project is a great approach for the device community to come together and contribute to building an Open Platform for IoT device discovery and continuous monitoring.